The Teachers


The three teachers have lifelong experiences.

Patrick De Vleeschauwer


Patrick is psychologist with a focus on emotions and health.

He works for many years with people who are affectively very vulnerable using the model of The Psychology of Interdependence.

In 2009 his lifework De Ultieme Uitdaging (The Ultimate Challenge) was published by Ankh-Hermes in The Netherlands. A book about his search for the healthy mind as the source of the life that is universal and sustainable worth living. His book was inspired by the Mind and Life Institute. A center for dialogue between the two great empirical traditions of East and West. In the summer of 2010 Mind and Life Institute started a Center for Investigating the Healthy Mind – the main theme of his book. The book received good reviews and was in 2010 selected by the Vlaamse Coaches (The Flemish Coaches).

Recently he is finishing his new manuscript De Parel van Gandhi (The Pearl of Gandhi). A book about the inner journey into the deep message of yoga. He will translate the manuscript also in English.

In 2008 he studied one year at The Graduate Institute of New York in Consciousness Studies. This Institute works in cooperation with The Global Shift University of Ervin Laszlo.

In 2010 he was trained by Yogalife Foundation to Yoga Acharya. The training took place in Bhagsu in the Himalayas, at walking distance from the Dalai Lama’s residence. Here two dreams became reality. Creating a manuscript in the land of Mahatma Gandhi, nearby the energy of the Dalai Lama, close to the source of many Yoga traditions. And secondly, gaining deeper insights into the potentials of Yoga as taught by a group of Indian teachers with international experience.

At this moment he wants to combine his lifelong experience in psychology and Yoga into Yoga Psychology Therapy. He is convinced that the ancient tools and insights of Yoga are a very powerful complement to the young scientific insights of the psychology tradition.

His dream is contributing to a healthy, emotional balanced, clear minded, openhearted society through the message of Yoga.

Els Verheije

Els_VerheijeAs a professional health therapist Els supports people to clean and heal their body with naturopathy, yoga psychology and yoga nidra. She tailors her approach to suit their individual needs by taking into account their health, their emotional style, talents, desires and possibilities. To help them heart fully express their potentials because it matters to the soul.

Els originally worked with people with disabilities. They inspired her to learn more about reactions of the body and mind. She shifted her life completely by studying Natural Health Therapy for 5 years. During this period, Tai Chi and Qi Gong trainings motivated her to develop Mindful Movements which is the embodiment of Energy, Yoga and Meditation. While teaching yoga, she further explored her interest in dance with a professional Nia-Dance training course, a Yogalife Teacher Training Course in Goa  and a professional Yoga Nidra certification in Florida, which refined her senses and awareness even more.

She integrated yoga philosophy and psychology fully into her daily routine, classes and private Yoga Therapy at home since 2006.

Throughout her life, Els has been guided by her intuïtion, learning from mindful self- inquiry and development. She has a natural curiosity for exploring the interactions between people and nature, the power of movement, and meditation. Her self-enquiry has taken many forms, including doing vipassana, yoga nidra, reading and learning from creative sources, teachers, her clients and the experience of more than 7000hours of teachings.

Els is a lover of music and natural dancer, Els moves through life with grace.

Manoj Sharma

ManojManoj was born into a lineage and heritage of health, Yoga and spiritual teachers. He was privileged to grow up in the right settings, which paved the way for his Yoga journey. It is difficult to say when exactly the formal introduction with Yoga took place but a few childhood pictures reveal his natural inclination at an early age. He grew up listening to Bhagavad-Gita and breathing the Hindu and Yoga philosophy. His formal education of anatomy, biochemistry and physiology contributed to his deep understanding of the physical aspect of Yoga.

Manoj has the natural ability to connect with people through his intuitive psychological understanding, sense of humor and his communication skills. He is an inspiring teacher and his students simply love him.

Bihar School of Yoga, Sivananda Vedanta Ashram and YogaLife Foundation are a few of the places where he got his formal Yoga education and earned his titles as Yoga Shirimani and Yoga Acharya.

Manoj dedicated a few years in innovating and developing Yoga products like nasal wash pots and eye wash cups in order to revive the forgotten and distinct practices of Yoga and Shatkarma. Since 2004, Manoj started teaching Yoga and he is continuing his journey of Yoga under the flagship of YogaLife Belgium and YogaLife Foundation India.

Manoj currently lives in Belgium.

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