The Program


Upward Spiral Program, Goa, India – 18th February to 27th February 2015


10 day’s Yoga Psychology Program

The program is carefully designed by Yogalife team to make sure you are a new person after the whole process. The program is based on Yoga Psychology and delivered under the expert guidance of Patrick, Manoj and Els. The program has a very easy approach unlike a certificate course. The real active duration of the program is 60/70 hours in total.



What we want you to give you /show you?


We work on all five sheaths of human existence (called the koshas). We will work with body, energy, emotions, mind and consciousness. We will use an integral approach of life through yoga.

How an Upward Spiral days look like?


We start at 7 am with a 90 minute session of Asanas, Pranayamas and Pratyahara. We have a small break with tea and fruit. We continue till 10 am (it can become 10.30) with exercises in self-exploration combined with lectures about life energy, emotions, consciousness and the human mind.


After that you are free to have an extended breakfast or early lunch. The weather will be fine, always a blue sky and around 25 degrees. From the Yogashala you can walk onto the beach for a long walk of hours in both directions on a very broad uninterrupted beach surrounded with palms and old trees. You can swim, relax, sunbath, socialize or talk with the teachers……


We start again at 15.30 with the art of yoga nidra, the art of relaxation combined with Sankalpa work (sowing the seed of intention in your life). We will do exercises in self-expression and share insights. We end with a 90 minute session of Yoga, Pranayama, meditation and we will do sun salutations by sunset until it starts to becomes dark at 18.30 pm.


After that you can shower, have dinner, socialize and explore the places and shop around Mandrem. Arambol, go to the night market on Saturday… or just enjoy the peace of your hut at Casa D’Calma… And all this for 10 days. You will feel how your energy will change and how you will feel new possibilities… This is our promise.

Strengths of USP (Upward spiral program)


The USP synthesizes the best of two traditions. The Western psychology tradition of research into the power of emotions, combined with the Eastern psychology tradition of research into the depth of human consciousness.

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