Your sleep is what matters – Mastering the art of deep relaxation is your key to empowerment

The program starts every day at 7.00 with 90 minutes of yoga, pranayama and meditation and continues after a tea break until 10.00 with relaxation exercises and lectures.

After your healthy, extended breakfast you can have a massage, walk between the olive trees, bike to a river, ride on a horse, have a swim in the pool, enjoy the sun , have a coffee in the authentic village, or simply enjoy the silence of nature, paint or play music. The 3 teachers are always present to support and guide you.

Afternoon starts at 15.30 with a Yoga Nidra Experience and continues after a tea break until 18.30 with yoga.

We have dinner around the campfire with possibilities for life music, while enjoying the view of the Milky Way above the surrounding almond trees and mountains.

You can combine your stay with the beach or a trip to Ibiza.


Patrick is psychologist and writer of two books about emotions and consciousness Els works as health therapist and is expert in yoga and dance Manoj is expert in yogic sciences and director of Yogalife Belgium Together they trained many yoga teachers and developed the 10-day Upward Spiral Program in India Workshop Information:


€ 1299,- Including 5-day program, 4 nights, brunch, dinner, (water, thee, coffee unlimited, wine during dinner), yogamat, matras also in tent, sheets, blankets, towels.

Not included: flight, transport: different possibilities to get there, pick up in group from us, share taxi, public transport, rent a car…Â Not included: Shiatsu massage, accupuncture, horse riding, guided tours, or other extra activities.


In Alcublas (45km from Valencia, in the mountains on an altitude of 800 meters)

Contact or Call +32 493 811 813



What are the dreams,desires and qualities that will bring you the life you love?

What will bring you the courage to go after that which you desire the most?

Yoga at the beach

The secret of the transformation that you want is:

release of tension
peace of mind

 The Upward Spiral Program will bring you more joy, vitality and enthusiasm in your life!

Yoga at the beach1382857_10151706379102358_47012575_nThe viewYoga at the beachUpward spiral program

Upward Spiral Program, Goa, India – 18th February to 27th February 2016

10 day’s Yoga Psychology Program

The program is carefully designed by Yogalife team to make sure you are a new person after the whole process. The program is based on Yoga Psychology and delivered under the expert guidance of Patrick, Manoj and Els. The program has a very easy approach unlike a certificate course. The real active duration of the program is 60/70 hours in total.

What we want you to give you /show you?


We work on all five sheaths of human existence (called the koshas). We will work with body, energy, emotions, mind and consciousness. We will use an integral approach of life through yoga.

How an Upward Spiral days look like?


We start at 7 am with a 90 minute session of Asanas, Pranayamas and Pratyahara. We have a small break with tea and fruit. We continue till 10 am (it can become 10.30) with exercises in self-exploration combined with lectures about life energy, emotions, consciousness and the human mind.


After that you are free to have an extended breakfast or early lunch. The weather will be fine, always a blue sky and around 25 degrees. From the Yogashala you can walk onto the beach for a long walk of hours in both directions on a very broad uninterrupted beach surrounded with palms and old trees. You can swim, relax, sunbath, socialize or talk with the teachers……


We start again at 15.30 with the art of yoga nidra, the art of relaxation combined with Sankalpa work (sowing the seed of intention in your life). We will do exercises in self-expression and share insights. We end with a 90 minute session of Yoga, Pranayama, meditation and we will do sun salutations by sunset until it starts to becomes dark at 18.30 pm.


After that you can shower, have dinner, socialize and explore the places and shop around Mandrem. Arambol, go to the night market on Saturday… or just enjoy the peace of your hut at Casa D’Calma… And all this for 10 days. You will feel how your energy will change and how you will feel new possibilities… This is our promise.

Strengths of USP (Upward spiral program)

The USP synthesizes the best of two traditions. The Western psychology tradition of research into the power of emotions, combined with the Eastern psychology tradition of research into the depth of human consciousness.

The three teachers have lifelong experiences.

Manoj in yoga, Indian culture, Hindu way of life and human psychology.

Els in yoga, tai chi, chi gong, Nia dance, creative art expressions and health therapy.

Patrick a lifelong Yoga practitioner, a Yoga teacher, a professional psychologist. A writer with his two well appreciated books across the world. His most recent work, Feel the highest possibility; Open the energy for positive change is now in preparation for publication

About the location – Goa, India

Swaying palms, white sands and sparkling waters: the three essential elements that attract 2 million visitors annually to Goa’s balmy shores are plentiful in this tiny, glorious slice of India hugging the country’s western coastline and bounded by the Arabian Sea.

A solitary Portuguese outpost in India for almost 500 years, the influence of colonial rule can still be seen everywhere: in the exquisite, crumbling architecture; in the East-meets-West cuisine which combines coconut milk, palm vinegar and chillies with the refined flavours of Lisbon; in the melancholy strains of fado that still waft occasionally on the bougainvillea-scented breeze; and in the siesta-saturated joie de vivre that Goans themselves call Susegad.

Nowhere else in India will you find the laid-back languidness of a Goan lunchtime, the easy charms of its people or the soothing serenity of a day on its beaches. Here in Goa, a herd of water buffalo will greet you at breakfast; a lily-covered lake might provide the scenery for your morning walk; a sea eagle will be your afternoon companion along a deserted stretch of pristine beach; a gorgeously spice-laden vindalho (vindaloo) might make your evening repast and a fiery glass of cashew-palm feni liquor your bedtime tonic.

But there’s far more to discover here than the exquisite pleasure of warm sand between your toes. Pep up your stay with a wander around a vanilla-scented spice plantation, stroll the bird-filled banks of the state’s gentle rivers, poke around centuries-old cathedrals, and venture out to white-water waterfalls. All is not perfect in paradise, however, and Goa has problems aplenty – the state’s environment, in particular, is sorely taxed. Nevertheless, with a slowly growing group of environmentalists and ecofriendly individuals on the scene, the picture remains relatively rosy for this most magical of miniature states. So, come, minimise your impact as much as possible, and unwind to the swaying palms and Portuguese rhythms of Goa’s still-irresistible charms.

The price

The price includes

Yoga classes, lectures and mediation and personal USP sessions with Patrick/Manoj/Els

Lodging for the ten days single rooms or huts)

Local assistance and guidance

(We could have included food also but Goa has a variety of different cousins and we want you to enjoy that. The food is very inexpensive in Goa)

How to book?

Send us your request to book and we will guide you to make your payment and also for your clearly guided logistics including Visa, vaccinations, travel and other important details. You can trust our organizational expertise and relax in peace

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